If you think Jakarta is not a nice city to travel, you will need to think about that once again. That is because this city offers you a lot of nice things if you want to visit Jakarta. It is true that this city is a crowd city that also acts as the main place for the Indonesian governance. However, that does not mean that this city has nothing to offer. That is because there are a lot of nice and enjoyable things that you can do if you want to spend your vacation in this capital city of Indonesia.


  • The first thing that you can do is visiting KepulauanSeribu. This place can be considered as one of the most attractive places that you need to visit in Jakarta. There are a lot of small islands on the district of KepulauanSeribu and most of those islands are totally nice and beautiful. It is just something common for many visitors to spend about two to three days on this place to have the amazing vacation in Jakarta.
  • The second one is Monas. Monas stands for MonumenNasional. It is the national monument of the Indonesian since this tall tower monument was built as the symbol of the Indonesian independency in 1975. This place is becoming one nice place where you can spend your holiday in Jakarta because this place offers you one of the best attractions. It is the top view from the top of Monas. The amazing view is one reason to visit Jakarta that you will never want to miss. That is because the view is considered as one of the best views that you can find in Jakarta.
  • The next one is the Taman Impian Jaya Ancol. This area is totally huge and there are a lot of different spots that you can visit in this area. If you are looking for the simple beach with the nice ocean view, you can go to Ancol Beach. You can do anything on this city beach. If you are looking for a lot of attractions, you can go to the Dufan theme park. This theme park is becoming one of the best theme parks that many people visit from all over Indonesia.
  • The last one is the Istiqlal Mosque and the Jakarta Cathedral. Basically, there is nothing special from these two religion buildings but the grand design of the mosque and the cathedral. However, the best thing that you can get from these buildings is the fact that these two buildings stand next to each other. These two buildings are the symbol of different religions, but in Jakarta, these two buildings stand next to each other. That can be a simple conclusion that this city accepts the diversity in term of religion.


If you are still thinking that you will not have the enjoyable visit to Jakarta, you will need to try to visit those places first. After that, you can be sure, that your opinion will change abut visiting Jakarta for your next holiday trip.